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eDiscovery Solutions

Preservation and Collections

MDS helps its clients implement a collection strategy to ensure that collections are completed in a manner that is legally defensible and proportionate to the matter at hand using available internal resources supplemented by MDS resources that can perform unique collections when necessary. MDS collection capabilities span from targeted corporate server data and e-mail stores, to mobile phones, social media, internet-based data collections, and more.

We can provide collections expertise on Office 365 collections, reducing the amount of data collected, saving you money downstream and decreasing discovery response time.

Processing and Hosting Solutions

Early Case Assessment
During this stage, MDS is able to utilize available early case assessment technology including deduplication, search terms, date and file type restrictions to cull documents and reduce the data that needs to be processed, reducing expense at the processing stage and downstream hosting costs.

Once data has been collected and moves to the processing stage to extract associated metadata, MDS utilizes specialized workflows and tracking, so that data can be re-used in future matters without the need to recollect the same data from the same custodian or source, saving our clients’ money and time.

We also provide full error reporting ensuring a defensible audit trail as data is processed and published to the review and production database.

Database Hosting Offerings
MDS offers a variety of advanced technology solutions to its clients. For most matter, we believe Relativity would provide the most comprehensive database solution, combined with advanced analytics tools from Brainspace and/or NexLP, or using the capabilities for analytics and Technology Assisted Review (TAR) built within Relativity.

The single most expensive phase of Discovery is document review. MDS utilizes an agnostic approach with its review platforms led by a certified case management team. MDS provides comprehensive best-of-breed technology to significantly reduce the number of documents for review and, in turn, provides more cost containment and certainty. The following are examples of MDS utilizing technology and processes to optimize review for our managed services clients:

  • Leveraged Analytics (Threading, Clustering, Inclusive Thread Review – looking only at the most inclusive e-mail within e-mail threads)
  • Methodical Term Review (reviewing only documents that hit on search terms and only moving to the family documents if the initial document with the search term hit is responsive)
  • Technology Assisted Review (TAR) using Continuous Active Learning (CAL) technologies

MDS Managed Services

Preservation and Identification Consulting

Identification Plan and Team

We help our clients to develop an Identification Plan and have a Team in place to not only handle the routine matters on a day-to-day basis, but to be prepared for the large matters when they occur, preventing the need to bring in expensive transactional vendors, and ensuring there will be no surprises to the annual budget.

Your eDiscovery Playbook

Customized for your Needs

A core offering from MDS giving immense value to our clients, we work hand-in-hand with our clients to develop a comprehensive eDiscovery Playbook. We begin by interviewing key members of our clients and developing an end-to-end customized Playbook with detailed workflows for internal teams, outside counsel and MDS to follow when working through discovery. By implementing an eDiscovery playbook customized for our clients, we build repeatable procedures that can be implemented across all matters.

Dedicated Case Management and Reporting

Focused on your best interests

Key to its managed services offering, MDS provides dedicated case managers, who work with internal teams and outside counsel to provide oversight of the discovery work from the beginning of the matter through its conclusion. The case managers serve as the eyes and ears of our clients as partners, looking out for the client’s best interest and keeping a reign on unnecessary discovery costs.

The case managers serve as the one point of communication between MDS and its clients, so you don’t have to send communications to numerous teams that might not know what the other is doing. The case managers are responsible for coordinating discovery, identifying client needs and priorities, and ensuring matters are completed on time and on or under budget.

For its managed services clients, MDS provides daily or bi-weekly reporting for the matter at hand, and comprehensive quarterly and annual reporting to its clients eDiscovery team across all of its matters. This reporting offers key insights to enable future budget planning for our clients.